Five, totally true, Spanish stereotypes

(first published on on 11/02/2016)

1. The siesta is real. For about three hours every day, most shops are closed to enjoy the afternoon lunch and post-lunch chit-chat session. The exception are the bigger, international brands like Primark and Zara.

2. Spanish people speak so so so quickly. Like… If they think you can speak Spanish, they’ll run with it and you’ll just have to smile and nod and then run away forever.

3. The mañana culture is real. So real. Don’t expect anything to get done by the deadline unless you ask for it three weeks in advance. On the other hand, if you don’t get things done by the deadline they’ve set, expect all hell to break loose.

4. While the Spanish people I’ve met haven’t been particularly short tempered, they’ve all had their moments of passion, whether it’s over heating bills or The Lion King, when they’re particularly invested in something, they really fight for it. It’s fantastic to see such conviction in a belief to be honest!

5. Fiestas. Spain has tons of fiestas. Granted, many of them are huge in some cities and not in others, but the point still stands; if a city is celebrating a fiesta, all rules are broken. For example, drinking on the streets is illegal most of the year, but during fiesta days the botellon culture is real and it is big. And I love it. Because even though people drink on the streets, they aren’t getting drunk the way a British person would for a night out; Spain’s relationship with alcohol is, dare I say, healthy.


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