February Update!

Hello lovely readers!

I’m writing this from somewhere over Bilbao, on my way back to the UK for the Easter break. I felt like I owed you guys an explanation as to why I’ve been AWOL for the past month or so and, I promise, it’s a very valid set of reasons!

  1. I had actual exams to revise for this year, something which hasn’t happened for at least three years now, so I was a little thrown. I was spending every spare moment revising any way I could think of; listening to my lectures again, re-writing all my notes, copious amounts of reading and highlighting (this was also the moment I decided I wouldn’t do so many literature modules next semester!). All that panic and stress paid off though as I managed to, somehow, not only pass all of my modules, but also get some of the highest marks I’ve ever received in my university career; a huge confidence boost!
  2. On top of all those exams I’ve also been writing my dissertation out here in Madrid, in Spanish no less, and I had a deadline looming for that too; yet more panic and stress. (This Easter holiday has been well-earned!)
  3. Aside from all the panic and stress of revision and dissertation, I’ve had two visitors for long weekends on two separate occasions, which has meant lots of sightseeing and museum visits over February.
  4. When I didn’t have visitors, I ended up doing weekend trips instead; one to Cadiz for the famous Carnival, and one fantastic weekend to Portugal! (More details to come, I promise).

So, that’s a short and sweet update for the month of February! I’ve been super busy and not had much time to blog, so I apologise for that, but I’ll hopefully be blogging more regularly as my courses start and I settle into a semester two routine. But for now, I’ll be signing off and leave you with a couple of February Flashback Photos!




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