Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Hola! Welcome to the first of many February updates; my long weekend with Alice.

First, a quick introduction; meet Alice. She’s a fantastic human being who I love very much; she’s a nurse; she loves cats more than humans; she’s the most scathing, sarcastic person I’ve ever met; she’s been my friend for three years and I am so incredibly close to her; .

Alice and I in Portsmouth last year

Alice came to visit me in the first half of my exam leave, meaning I got exactly no work done for about 4 solid days… so far so good. We’re both fairly early-risers and also lovers of leisurely walks around cities, so Madrid really was the perfect destination; every morning was full of sightseeing, be it walking down the Paseo del Prado or visiting el Palacio Real and the surrounding areas, from exploring Retiro park to basking in the sunlight everywhere we went.

I had a fantastic time showing her around the city, really feeling like a true madrileña as I explained the significance of the oso y madroño statue in Plaza del Sol (I literally have no idea. It was an important tree in Madrid I think…) and took her to all the coolest bars and restaurants I could think of (Tierra Burrito Bar is a MUST, and for my poor gluten-intolerant friend, Celicioso Bakery was a godsend). Plus, bringing her into the Spanish nightlife was amazingly fun (thank you Chupito, Space Monkey and 100 Montaditos for the resaca).

Interestingly, Alice’s departure wasn’t something I got super emotional over; I think the sadness was softened by the fact that I’d be seeing her so incredibly soon, and under more fiesta circumstances. And now it’s less than a week until I get to see my best girl, and the time really has flown!

The next update in store for you guys is Carnaval in Cadiz so watch this space!




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