Easter-time Antics

Well readers it’s been a long while but this update is chock-full of Easter-time activities, mostly full of my amazing family so I’ll get straight into it!

The day after I arrived in the UK it was straight up to Nottingham for a religious function where I got to meet my gorgeous cousin’s gorgeous baby girl for the first time. All my cousins looked beautiful and the little one is just amazing; all spikey hair and little. I met her for a day and she’s got me wrapped around that little finger… that bloody tiny finger.

That weekend was a grand old fiesta, celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary; great food, great music and great dancing. It was wonderful to see so much of my family again and it only made me more and more excited for the following weekend; my weekend. The next week was leading up to my 21st birthday, with a big bash on the Friday night, and there was still a lot organise! I spent the week working with mum and dad to create the centrepieces and the cocktail menus, as well as running around buying last minute things for the celebrations. When the day finally came it was another hectic one; picking up my university friends and checking us all into the hotel to get ready, before my dad came by to whiz me off to the venue. We set up the tables, everything glittering black and gold and soon the guests arrived and I got to see all the important people in my life.

My family and friends, all my loved ones had turned up to help me celebrate and I loved every minute of catching up and dancing and eating the food (mostly the food. The food was great.) and of course more dancing! It really was an incredible night and I can’t thank my family enough for bearing the brunt of the organisation while I’ve been off studying in Spain!


A matter of days later it was the start of wedding celebrations (not mine.) and we were off to Birmingham for my cousin’s wedding; five days of parties and celebrations, seeing all that family I’d seen less than a week beforehand. Wedding celebrations are always fun, if tiring, and this wedding was no exception; with close family having flown in from Canada and Australia for my party already it was a fantastic, though exhausting, few days.

Every day and night was chock-full of various rituals and celebrations, and I’ve been to enough weddings to know how much coffee is needed per day to keep me going (at least three) but this one had one important difference; we were on the boy’s side. Now, a lot of people talk about how weddings shouldn’t have ‘sides’ because it’s two families coming together, or whatever cheesy thing those sign posts say when you’re supposed to sit down for the ceremony, but Punjabi weddings are very different. The ceremonies leading up to the wedding are different, depending on whether you’re on the girl’s or boy’s side and the mood of the wedding day itself is different; the old saying about the girl’s family losing a daughter and the boy’s gaining one is very real, and very much one-sided. I love my culture and I love how beautiful and decadent our weddings are, but the depressing ritual that goes on at the girl’s house after the wedding? Yeah that I could do without. And that’s why being on the boy’s side was such an amazing thing; because I could celebrate right up until the end, being there to welcome our new sister into the family, even though she’s definitely not a stranger to us, and I wasn’t emotionally drained by the end of the night like I have been for pretty much every wedding I’ve ever been to… A lot of my cousins are girls.

Luckily for me the aftermath of the wedding was a relaxing few days in Southampton, seeing some of my amazing friends and soaking up the love. I love the love. And I got so much of it at my party, and then again in Southampton, even though it was only a few days and a few select people that I saw, it was (mostly) the important ones. And it relaxed me enough that when I went back to Madrid a matter of days later I wasn’t quite ready to be launched back into lectures… which is unfortunately exactly what happened. Lectures and coursework, on top of having to do my dissertation? Yeah it was a busy March… And the year will only get busier… That’s all for now though!



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Anamika is Editorial Assistant at Build It. When she's not writing about bespoke homes, she can be found travelling the world and drinking cocktails wherever she goes!

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