Fourty-Eight Hours in Falmouth

Okay, quick disclaimer: I was probably in Falmouth for a bit longer than 48 hours, BUT I think you could absolutely cram the major sites in that time. Well, you could try at least…

Let’s set the scene: May bank holiday weekend, Summer is well and truly here, it’s been sunny and warm all week and you can’t wait to get down to Cornwall and soak up the sun on an actual beach.

And then it rains. Because it’s England. Because you’ve had your monthly sun-quota. But will that deter me? I mean, if I hadn’t already booked my tickets and packed my bag, maybe, but I powered through, got myself to the train station and found an un-reserved seat (on bank holiday weekend!) ready for my 5 hour 38 minute journey with 2 changes. So brushing over my train journey (I read a book and napped, it was very fulfilling) let’s dive straight into my highlights of Falmouth (and surrounding areas).

Harbour Lights Fish and Chips

There’s literally no point in going to Cornwall if you don’t eat at least one of the following things: pasties, scones, or fish and chips. (I managed 2/3; unfortunately, pasties evaded me all weekend). And in Falmouth, Harbour Lights is undoubtedly the most popular place for it. The next day, we walked past and there was a huge queue so… considering that, and that the fish was delicious AND sustainably sourced, I think I made the right choice.

The High Street

Falmouth high street is literally just a single street with a bunch of independent businesses, competing with a few chains like Wilkos and New Look, but my favourite part? The, apparently year-round, bunting that was up.

Falmouth has a lovely community vibe to it, and I really recommend checking out the high street. Wandering into all the independent shops is the only way to really appreciate how unique Cornwall is; not a Starbucks in sight. Which brings me to my next highlight…

Beerwolf Books

Now, unfortunately my camera was very low on storage by this point so I didn’t manage to snap a picture, but if you go to their website you’ll get the general idea. Essentially, it’s a bookshop/bar and combines everything I love in life; wine and reading. It’s a lovely independent bar and there was a wonderful ambience when we went in to have a look, so I absolutely recommend going in for an evening pint and to pour over the different titles they have for sale. The only thing you might regret is waking up to find you’ve bought a suitcase’s worth of books!

The Lizard

Okay, so this one is cheating because it’s a little outside of Falmouth, but if you have a car then it’s well worth the half-hour trip to get down to England’s Southern-most point: The Lizard. Comprised of steep cliffs and a hilly walk, The Lizard offers some of the best views of the Atlantic ocean I have ever seen, complete with sandy beaches. It might have been a horribly overcast day in Falmouth, but The Lizard had brightened up for our coastal walk, and the scenes were breathtaking. Honestly, it was like no English beach I had ever seen before. Of course, it might be a bit difficult if you don’t have a car, by my goodness, it is worth the journey.

So I’ll leave you there with the beautiful images of The Lizard. There’s so much more to explore in Cornwall, but these were my Falmouth highlights and I hope you go out and see some of these sites because it really was a breathtaking weekend. And if you have any highlights of your own, please do leave them in the comments as I would love to see what other people favour!




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4 thoughts on “Fourty-Eight Hours in Falmouth”

  1. Hey!

    These are great photos- I would definitely like to visit Falmouth if I ever head down to Cornwall at some point.

    Love Soph xxx


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