5 Things to See and Do in Exeter

The capital city of Devon, Exeter, is a tourist and financial hub (to an extent) in the South West. If you’re looking to holiday in the UK this Summer, the South West is always popular. To help you decide where to go, I’ve put together a handy guide to Exeter, so that you can maximise your time.

Historical Ruins – In this self-guided tour of Exeter, you can see the city wall, parts of which are over 2000 years old. You can follow the informative panels around the city, and for more information on the city trail, click here. There are also a number of Medieval ruins, which you can also guide yourself around, and which bring us on nicely to Exeter’s top attraction.

Exeter Cathedral – The cathedral dates back to 1050 and stands as a reminder of England’s long history. Having stood fast through countless monarchs, the Dissolution of Catholicism, the English Civil War and the Blitz attacks, Exeter Cathedral is a huge point of historical and cultural interest.

Royal Albert Memorial Museum – The RAMM is Exeter’s top museum and art gallery. Featuring 16 galleries with exhibits from both Exeter and the wider world, it is a perfect walk through history. There are also 3 exhibition spaces for specialist exhibits.

Northernhay Gardens – If you hadn’t realised, Exeter is a very old settlement. And Northernhay Gardens are often considered the oldest public open space in England. If not for the greenery and beautiful views, then it is definitely worth a visit for the castle.

Quayside – If you have some spare time to potter around, Exeter’s historic quayside is perfect for taking a stroll or bikeride. There are various antique shops and restaurants along the quay, and if the weather is nice it’s the perfect opportunity to take a boat trip.


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