The Adventures of Graduate Life: Moving In

The Problem: Not enough storage space for all my things.

The Solution: At least a week of clearing out rubbish I haven’t needed over the last four years from my cupboards and replacing them with things I actually need.

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The Adventures of Graduate Life

It has been exactly 17 days since I moved out of my student flat and came back to live with my parents (but who’s counting right?). Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m super grateful that I have parents in a position to support me while I find my feet post-university, but being an adult living in you childhood home is a difficult field to navigate. So, I thought I’d help out others in my position with a little Graduate Life series about the kind of problems you might encounter while living at home, and a little advice on how to overcome them.

Watch this space for my Graduate Life Adventures!

Choosing ERASMUS

Summer is approaching and, for a lot of students, that means it’s time to start thinking about what to do on your year abroad. Last year, I was an Erasmus student in Spain and I’m going to share with you five reasons why I chose the Erasmus program.

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Fourty-Eight Hours in Falmouth

Okay, quick disclaimer: I was probably in Falmouth for a bit longer than 48 hours, BUT I think you could absolutely cram the major sites in that time. Well, you could try at least…

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Travelling on a budget

You know how travelling costs money? And students don’t have much of it? Well…

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Travelling: Who can find the time?

Hello readers! I’m back in the UK, have been for a while, and I’m currently studying and working part-time. In my spare time I’m either sleeping, eating or working on assignments. So, I ask you this: how on earth can I find the time to travel?

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Al fin…?

Well readers, it’s over! I’ve moved back to the UK and left Madrid behind to finish off my degree at Southampton. While I know I’ll miss Spain and its climate and opportunity for adventure, like Dorothy said, “there’s no place like home”.

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April Showers of work (work work work work work)

As soon as I came back from my Easter visit I had a tag-along; my sister. As a short break before her exams (and mine) she came to visit me for a long weekend. Of course, she’d already been in November, with the rest of my family, so there weren’t many more sites to show her, but it was lovely to have a bit of quality time with my little sister before we both got bogged down with essays and exams.

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Easter-time Antics

Well readers it’s been a long while but this update is chock-full of Easter-time activities, mostly full of my amazing family so I’ll get straight into it!

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Gal Pals in PortuGal

Hola a tod@s! (that’s a cool new morphological Spanish term I’ve learned, which is basically ‘todo/as’ but more gender non-specific than the more neutral ‘todos’. It’s only used in writing and I love it. I love how language changes and develops! And now I’m off-topic so I’ll get back to the update…) The last weekend of February (also my last weekend free from dissertation work until May) was our trip to Portugal!

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