Are Millennials Killing the High Street? Probably Not, But Let’s Blame Them Anyway.

Millennials are always killing some industry or another. Now that Debenhams has gone into administration, the question on everyone’s lips is the classic “who is to blame?”.

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My Pole Journey: Chapter 1

I am a pole dancer. Very loosely. I’m more of a pole climber and fall-off-er. But I’m working on it. If you’ll let me, I’d like to bring you along for the ride, and show you what pole will end up doing for me, and what it could do for you! I want to document my progress as this will, finally, be a permanent and regular fixture in my life, from now on.

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Thought of the Day: Resolutions

It’s mid-January and most people will have broken their New Years Resolutions by now. Not because they want to. Not because they’re weak. But because they made unrealistic promises.

So many people decide to eat healthy, go to the gym, or otherwise better themselves, but it’s always on such a huge scale that they’re practically setting themselves up for failure, right?

What if people made resolutions to drink more water, buy more fresh food or walk instead of taking the bus? These goals would be so much more achievable, and people would feel better about themselves at the end of the month.

By this time in January, many people have thrown the baby out with the bathwater and don’t just break their diets, they eat more junk than they did before! Because they feel like they’ve failed. But they haven’t. You haven’t. Keep at it, break it into reasonable chunks, and go for it.

Me? My resolution is to blog twice a month – achievable. One post per 2 weeks? Yeah, I can do that. But a post a day? Well, for me, that’s just inconceivable.

A Countryside Adventure: How change can change everything

I’m from London. I’ve lived in cities and suburbs my whole life and the countryside is, well, a culture shock. Not just because the air is clean (oh my goodness I can actually breathe). Nor because of the sheep giving me my wake up call (6am they start baaing. So inconsiderate). The countryside is, quite simply, pleasant.

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