Her Name Was Lola…

Hola readers! This entry is yet another February update, focusing on the lovely Lola and her visit to the magical land of Madrid. Lola and I have been friends for over ten years now (I feel so old.) and she has been my rock for every single one of them. We went through the pains of GCSE science together, lamented over art GCSE coursework and even went on to study A-level Spanish together, and even though we’ve gone our separate ways for university, having her out in Spain was such a wonderful experience.

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland/Madrid

Hola! Welcome to the first of many February updates; my long weekend with Alice.

First, a quick introduction; meet Alice. She’s a fantastic human being who I love very much; she’s a nurse; she loves cats more than humans; she’s the most scathing, sarcastic person I’ve ever met; she’s been my friend for three years and I am so incredibly close to her.

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