Winter Getaway: Bruges, Belgium

Holiday season is fast approaching, and with Brexit on the horizon, now might be the best time to pack your bags and book an impromptu long weekend. And what better place to visit than a small city with good beer, good chocolate and a good belfry? That’s right I’m talking about Bruges, Belgium.

Oh yes, that Bruges… And I promise, it’s not as boring as Brendan Gleeson would have you believe…

Things To See

  • The Belfry – Bruges’ number one site, smack bang in the main town square, this is a must-see. And it’s a must-see, not only for the stunning architecture, but for the breathtaking views of all of Bruges
  • The Basilica of the Holy Blood – a Roman Catholic Church housing an ancient relic of the blood of Christ. If not for the religious significance, the church is worth  a visit purely to satisfy historical and cultural curiosity.
  • The River – each day brings a new line of people ready to journey the city via riverboat, and it really is a lovely view. If you’re not feeling brave enough to face the bitter cold on a small boat, following the river around the city brings views that are just as beautiful.
  • Chocolate Shops – of course, when in Belgium, it’s a wasted trip if there’s no chocolate involved! The streets are littered with various shops selling equally delicious chocolate, but if you’re looking for something a bit different, Choco-Story provides a live demonstration of how they make their chocolate. 
  • @ The Pub – possibly the most famous pub (at least, on social media) in Bruges. Boasting over 80 different beers, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The real delicacy is the legendary Brugse Zot, brewed directly in town, and allegedly fed to bars with pipes directly from the brewery! 10/10, would recommend!

So, if you’re stuck for ideas this holiday season, rather than blindly choosing a spot on a map, why not visit the sleepy town of Bruges for a long weekend of culture, history and pure enjoyment? It’ll be cold, but at least you won’t be cold at home!


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Anamika Talwaria

Anamika is Editorial Assistant at Build It. When she's not writing about bespoke homes, she can be found travelling the world and drinking cocktails wherever she goes!

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