San Francisco in Three Days

I recently went to an Indian wedding abroad in the state of California, and having spent a week at the wedding itself, we wanted to make the most out of the Bay, so I’ve composed a Three-Day Itinerary for San Francisco!

Style 2018: Beachy Waves

The hottest trend for summer 18 is beachy waves, and with their carefree and fuss-free, it’s easy to see why! I’ve found a fantastic way to keep my curls in check so keep reading to get this look…

My Pole Journey: Chapter 3

Pole fitness is pretty hard work. The most difficult move that I’ve accomplished, so far, is a layback. Now, it sounds pretty simple; just lie vertically against the pole and hope that gravity doesn’t catch you out, right? Yeah, okay, it doesn’t sound easy, and for good reason – it isn’t. Pole has always trained…

NY Fold: Pizzas Made of Gold

The most irritating answer to the question “what do you want to eat?” is “I don’t mind”. It’s non-committal. It’s indecisive. It’s weak. And it’s exactly the answer my sister gave when we were on our way to the London Coliseum last Winter. Fortunately, tucked behind Tottenham Court Road station was a jewel: NY Fold….

Trending Now: Ombré Lips

Ombré fashion has been taking over the beauty scene for quite some time, and Smashbox’s Be Legendary Triple Tone Lipsticks help achieve an ombré lip look in one fell swoop.

My Pole Journey: Chapter 2

I touched the ceiling today! And it wasn’t a low ceiling. I’m talking about a good old Victorian ceiling, at least a 12 foot climb, probably more. And I learnt something; I am strong as heck. Pole is all about endurance and strength, and the technique to climb is one that I’ve had trouble getting…